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Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects

PTM (Perez Torres Maritima) is an International Logistic Company specialized on Project Cargo and Windmill logistics worldwide.

Apart of being an International Forwarder with 52 years of experience and presence in America, Asia, Europe and Africa, we are a very strong asset Logistic Group and we have different Companies related to the Logistic sector which increase the added value towards our clients.

Within the current logistics panorama, with a high demand of “turn-key projects" we offer our customers, door to door logistics in the main maritime corridors. We are specialists in traffic with Far East, Australia, USA East-Coast, Western African coast, South Africa, Central and Northern Europe, Turkey, Brazil, South American West coast or Central America among others, covering all your logistic needs: Customs services cross trade, customs warehousing, freights, port operations, etc.

We are the representatives of the International Association “Project Partners " for Spain and Portugal which features worldwide with the leading companies specialized in providing logistic solutions for Industrial projects.

Our methodology is based on offering a comprehensive solution to our customers and becoming their logistics extension.

We arrange door-to-door transportation services with special and oversized components that require custom made equipment, continuous monitoring and just in time deliveries.

We are specialized in the management and chartering of European coastal and Transoceanic vessels, both, for complete and part-cargoes, bulk or general cargo, containerized freight, dangerous goods and special freights, including project cargo and heavy lift cargoes.

Specialists in door-to-door logistics in the main maritime corridors

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