PTM Ibérica, LDA.

PTM Ibérica, LDA. (Portugal)

PTM Ibérica is a leader company in the maritime-port sector installed at the Port of Aveiro since July 2014. As a leading company of the PTM Group, it's specialized in port operations, encompassing all types of goods such as bulk, containers, steel products, general cargoes and project cargoes, among others. In addition to port operations, PTM Ibérica has a wide range of activities such as shippers, forwarders, chartering, custom agents and storage.

Counting on the most specialized machinery, a strong know-how in the freight transport, focused on customer satisfaction and performance strictly according to the highest standards of quality, PTM Iberian strengthens the competitiveness of the international logistics industry from its base in Aveiro.

All these factors and the fact that the Port of Aveiro is one of the most competitive in the Atlantic coast, with a multimodal terminal counting on excellent connections with Spain and the rest of Europe, give PTM Ibérica a position of importance in the maritime-port sector of the Iberian Peninsula.

PTM Ibérica, LDA. PTM Ibérica, LDA. PTM Ibérica, LDA. PTM Ibérica, LDA. PTM Ibérica, LDA.