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Port of La Coruña

Port of La Coruña

Pérez Torres Marítima, S.L. acts as shipping agent, attending to all the needs required by the vessels with highly specialized personnel, and giving prompt and adequate response to the needs of shipowners, charterers, masters, captains, crewmembers, etc., as well as managing all the documentation necessary for dispatching vessels and the goods carried. Special attention is drawn, due to its characteristics, to the service we provide to cruise ships and large tankers.

As stevedores and port operators, the company handles all types of goods, (general cargo, solid bulk, palletized cargo, etc.), with all the appropriate systems (cranes, shovels, elevators, etc.) for handling any type of goods with no restrictions, both in terms of tonnage and in type of vessel. The company also deals with traffic, custom dispatch, etc.

Due to the degree of efficiency involved, we highlight our specialized attention both to tourist passengers and to large sized tankers.

8º 23' 30" W
43º 21' 23" N
Available surface area (m2): 10.000 m2
Docking line: 2.500 m2
Maximum permissible draft: Calvo Sotelo: 6-9m; Centenario Sur: 11m; Centenario Norte: 16,5m; San Diego: 10m; Baterias: 6m
Covered warehouses (m2): 2.000 m2
Cranes: 4 + 1 cinta cargadora graneles


ADDRESS: Pabellón de Servicios de Explotación, 1ª planta
Muelle San Diego
Puerto de La Coruña
Phone: (+34) 981 294 568
Fax: (+34) 981 284 062
E-mail: lacoruna@ptmar.com