Pérez Torres Marítima S.L.

Pérez Torres Marítima S.L.

Pérez Torres Marítima, S.L. was established on 1st June 2005, followed by the merger-split of the Pérez Torres Group maritime activity. The Group commenced activities by founding Pérez Torres y Cía, S.L., in Marín, northwest Spain, in 1962. Since that time, the company is involved in the following logistics activities: shipping agents, stevedores, storage, freight agents, forwarding agents, combined and multimodal transport, customs … so that today it has become a leading company in this sector.

Pérez Torres Marítima, S.L. is the agent in Galicia for various shipping companies, covering regular traffic from the Iberian Peninsula to the Canaries and Balearic Islands in road and container traffic. In conjunction with their represented parties, we cover container traffic worldwide.

The diversity and peculiarity of traffic, via ports where the company is operation: solid and liquid bulk, general cargo, containers and even passenger cargo, require a high degree of specialization as operators, shipping agents, forwarding agents and handlers, as well as an adequate know-how in handling goods, with specific developments in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard endorsing all activities of the Group. Furthermore, we are in the process of implementing the ISO 14000 environmental management system.

Pérez Torres Marítima, S.L., in line with its long tradition, makes all its structure, ISO quality standards, certifications, etc. available, reliably responding to your requirements.

Pérez Torres Marítima S.L. Pérez Torres Marítima S.L. Pérez Torres Marítima S.L.