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China - Shanghai

China - Shanghai

PTM Shanghai office is located in the North Bund on the International Shipping Street in Shanghai, China. The mother river of Shanghai, Huangpu River, flows next to our office building.

PTM Shanghai office is mainly responsible for assisting the headquarters to achieve a better results, in terms of coordination, quality, service and agility for mainly Projects in hands of Chinese companies, focusing mainly on export operations of renewable energy manufacturing from China to all over the world.

PTM China, as representative office in the country, is also a strong asset on operational level, being PTM’s eyes for local logistics in China, translated into an efficient coordination with ship owners, Terminal and ship’s agents, as well as a smooth information flow towards our clients. This helps to create a proper logistic planning, avoiding eventual delays of the shipments.

Meanwhile, PTM China works like a good local bridge with HQ, evaluating and creating global synergies and services for every potential company and explores more extended service possibilities.

PTM group takes the advantageous service to the Asian markets, searching for more Partners and clients. We are always working, consistently and constantly on trying to get more business development and opportunities all over the world. This has been the Company Group’s philosophy over the past years, which already worked on the Iberian Peninsula (operating in 20 Terminals all over the Spanish and Portuguese coast), Nothern Europe, South and Central America and Northern Africa for example.

Within this global growth policy, PTM Group has been putting its bets on, especially over the last decade, PTM Shanghai plays a fundamental role in the growth of activities in, to or from Far East.

PTM group is becoming a world's leading logistics asset and forwarding group.

121º 29' 51" E
31º 14' 52" N


Room A07, 3/F,
Xinhua Insurance Building
No.558 DongDaMing Road,
Hongkou District
Shanghai P.R. China 200080
Mob:(+86) 13701725810




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