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Port of San Ciprián

Port of San Ciprián

Pérez Torres Marítima, S.L. acts as shipping agent .At this port, belonging to the Ferrol-San Ciprián Port Authority, is located the most important alumina and aluminium factory in Spain. This private company belongs to the largest aluminium producer group in the world: ALCOA.

The port, created solely to provide seervice to the factory, is subject to its requirements. Cargo movement is restricto to importing materials such as bauxite, pet coke, fuel oil and caustic sod, and to exporting finished goods such as a wide range of alumina and aluminium.

Pérez Torres has set up offices in the port of San Ciprián where it attends more closely to vessels, in a personalized, professional manner.

7º 27' 39" W
43º 42' 27" N
Available surface area (m2): NIL
Docking line: 320 m
Maximum permissible draft: 12,5 m
Covered warehouses (m2): NIL
Cranes: 1


ADDRESS: Puerto Alúmina s/n 27890 SAN CIPRIÁN, Lugo
Switchboard: (+34) 982 596 023
Fax: (+34) 982 596 029
E-mail: sciprian@ptmar.com